1929745_39362230219_6716_nI went to Brussels on my own for a weekend via bus from London. It was an overnight bus leaving Friday night, so I arrived in the Belgian capital early Saturday morning, feeling a bit groggy from the sleeping pills I had taken.



I walked around exploring the parks and canals all morning and then eventually found my way to the Atomium, a bizarre atom-shaped building built in 1958 for the World’s Fair. It’s now a museum and has escalators inside that you can take from room to room, exploring displays about various scientific discoveries over the years.

Afterward, I grabbed some lunch a nearby food stall and took some pictures of mini-Europe – a small scale attraction of famous European landmarks. I then got on the train to Mechelen where I was supposed to meet a friend to go to a party that night, however, his lift fell through and I wasn’t sure how to get there myself.  I was very tired anyway so to be honest I was happy to just get an early night in my hostel.

The next day I explored the small town of Mechelen before heading back to Brussels for some chocolate and beer before getting the bus back to London.

Barcelona, Majorca and Valencia


I visited Spain in December 2007 for Christmas and New Years Eve with my brother and a friend, Francois. The first night we checked into a small hostel in the port called Equity Point and then headed out for dinner. On the way home, some guys pretended to want to show us a Spanish dance but ended up trying to pick-pocket us. I put my hands in my two pockets with my phone and wallet because I knew something was odd, but they still stole my glasses from my third pocket, which was really annoying since they were no use to them and left me blind for 2 weeks! Anyway, luckily my eyesight wasn’t too bad. Early the next morning we caught a ferry to Majorca.


It was off season so Majorca was bizarrely empty, but it was still warm enough to visit a few beaches. We hired a car and drove around the island exploring various parts of it, although to be honest there isn’t much to it other than the beaches and clubs, both of which were dead. In the center of port town where we arrived is a beautiful, gothic church that presides over the city.

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Then we caught another ferry to Valencia and spent two days there photographing the interesting architecture and ancient bullfighting stadiums. There is this huge, modern monument that looks like a futuristic space-age swimming pool complex. I believe it was built during the Olympic games.

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We returned by train to Barcelona the day before New Year’s Eve and stayed in another hostel near the Olympic stadium called Be Sound. For new years eve, we joined the party on the Rambla’s and then followed some people we met to a kind of underground squat techno party in a very run-down section of Barcelona. We partied all night there until sun-rise and then climbed on to the roof and lay in the sun for a bit before heading back to the hostel.

Oh also Francois’ expensive DSLR camera got stolen while we were on the beach in Barcelona – so keep an eye on your stuff while there!