Leeds Triathlon


I had signed up for the Leeds Triathlon earlier in the year, not realising it was one week after Outlook Festival.  This was a bit daunting since I had done barely any preparation, but I figured I would give it a try anyway.

The start was at 8am on Sunday morning so I went up to Leeds the evening before and stayed at an Airbnb with a lovely Zimbabwean couple whom had moved to Leeds a few years prior and were working at a local hospital as nurses.  Their house was amazing and really shows the difference in what you can afford in the UK once you leave London!

Despite the lack of training, I managed to get through the swim section of the triathlon without much trouble.  Unfortunately my timing-chip started coming off my ankle during the swim.  I tried to re-attach it but started drowning, so I just stuffed it in the top of my wetsuit and carried on swimming.  By the time I’d finished the swim I had forgotten about it, so when I started taking my suit off while running to the transition area it must have fallen out!

The 40km cycle section was next which I felt quite fresh for, but due to it being on non-closed roads of which some were quite rough, it wasn’t an easy course!  Fortunately it was mostly flat, and despite almost crashing at one point I finished without incident.

Then once again I was unprepared for the run, which was 3 laps of a course which started off with a massive grass hill.  Even though it was only 10km’s I was exhausted by the end of it, but considering I had spent the previous month partying non-stop at back to back festivals, I guess I’m pretty lucky I finished at all!

Due to losing my timing chip I didn’t get my final time but I worked it out to be about 3 hours.


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