1929745_39362230219_6716_nI went to Brussels on my own for a weekend via bus from London. It was an overnight bus leaving Friday night, so I arrived in the Belgian capital early Saturday morning, feeling a bit groggy from the sleeping pills I had taken.



I walked around exploring the parks and canals all morning and then eventually found my way to the Atomium, a bizarre atom-shaped building built in 1958 for the World’s Fair. It’s now a museum and has escalators inside that you can take from room to room, exploring displays about various scientific discoveries over the years.

Afterward, I grabbed some lunch a nearby food stall and took some pictures of mini-Europe – a small scale attraction of famous European landmarks. I then got on the train to Mechelen where I was supposed to meet a friend to go to a party that night, however, his lift fell through and I wasn’t sure how to get there myself.  I was very tired anyway so to be honest I was happy to just get an early night in my hostel.

The next day I explored the small town of Mechelen before heading back to Brussels for some chocolate and beer before getting the bus back to London.