Laax is an incredible ski resort in Switzerland, very popular amongst skiers and snowboarders alike. For this reason it is the host for “The Brits” Ski and Snowboard Championships, a yearly competition held by British Ski and Snowboard, the national governing body for snowsports in the UK.

Switzerland is generally a very expensive country and usually I wouldn’t be able to afford to do a week long snowboard trip there, but for the competition they arrange affordable accommodation in dorm rooms and sell package tours that include your lift pass, equipment hire and transport – all for a discounted price. The only thing that gets a bit expensive is food and drink once you are there, with beers in bars going for around £8 and a basic pizza for about £20! To avoid this we did daily trips to the local supermarket and stocked up on bread, ham, cheese and cans of beer which we kept cold in the snow.

Close to our hostel was the Freestyle Academy, an indoor practice centre with trampolines and fake slopes that jump you into huge beds of soft blocks. I didn’t have the balls to try it out but it looks awesome and a great way to learn tricks.

The organisers also arrange bands and DJ’s to play up on the mountains during the day and at certain venues in the village each night. We spent most days watching the various competitions, listening to music, drinking beer and occasionally even doing a bit of snowboarding ourselves.

Laax really is one of the most beautiful and well designed ski resorts I’ve ever visited and if you get the chance I highly recommend checking it out!

Watch my video of the week here:  The Brits 2012